Watch Video: Lighthouse Fill-In

Cancellations are a frustrating situation for any dental office – especially when patients call last-minute. No practice wants to let valuable chair time go to waste, so front desk staff are forced to scramble to try to fill the spot.

In the past, this meant making call after call, looking for a patient who could take the opening; OR sending mass emails that can be annoying for patients and ineffective.

Luckily, now there’s a better way. Introducing Fill-In, from Lighthouse 360 – a groundbreaking new tool that automatically detects cancellations AND helps you fill them.

Here’s how it works. Fill-In automatically checks your calendar for any last-minute recall cancellations. When a cancellation is detected, you get a notification asking if you’d like to offer the appointment to other patients. 

Click “Send Text” and Fill-in identifies a small, targeted group of patients who are most likely to want an immediate appointment – then sends them an automated message offering them the open appointment time. 

Patients can simply reply to let you know whether or not they’re interested. And once a patient replies Yes, you’ll get an appointment request notification right in your Lighthouse 360 portal. 

Fill-In helps prevent costly holes in the schedule, saves time and effort for the front desk AND delights patients by offering more immediate appointment times.

It’s just one more way that Lighthouse 360 helps support your practice from every angle. To find out more information about Fill-In, visit lighthouse dot com and request a free demo.