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Digitest II includes all of the classic features of the original Digitest and more. The durable, shaped case makes the unit comfortable to handle, as well as being easy to wipe down for disinfecting.


The SOL Portable Diode Laser features 4 easy-to-use settings designed to simplify treatment protocols, with an additional Custom setting to address unique needs. All four settings are completely custo...


The Picasso, the original or 'flagship' in the Picasso line of products, is a soft-tissue diode laser. Additional features include an innovative design, multiple programmable presets, a color touch sc...

Schick by Dentsply Sirona

CDR DICOM is Schick by Sirona's digital radiography software based on DICOM's open standard. DICOM provides a common language for medical devices to exchange images and other patient-related informati...