Watch Video: Lighthouse Treatment Plans


Increasing case acceptance can make significant impact to your practice’s revenue and productivity!  However, getting patients to move forward with scheduling treatment can be challenging.  When patients leave your practice without making an appointment for recommended treatment, Lighthouse can help make sure they don’t slip through the cracks! 

Here’s how it works…

Lighthouse sends a series of messages to your patient requesting that they schedule an appointment. Our unscheduled treatment reminders are different from any other communication system because they’re activated by you on a per-patient basis. You’re in full control over which patients receive these treatment reminders. 

The timeline for sending patients treatment messaging is customizable by your practice.  Patients can receive the treatment reminders by email, or if you prefer, Lighthouse can also send reminders by postcard as well. 

If your practice offers CareCredit, we can even include a link to learn more about CareCredit, and patients can apply directly in your treatment plan reminders. 

If you prefer, Lighthouse can also notify you when patients have received reminders but don’t schedule their treatment, so you can attempt to reach out with a personalized call. It’s all designed to increase case acceptance rates and reduce the workload of the front office staff. In fact, Lighthouse treatment reminders help to increase case acceptance 16.4% on average.  

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