Dentsply Sirona Partners with Zephyr Sleep Technologies

 Dentsply Sirona Partners with Zephyr Sleep Technologies

Dentsply Sirona and Zephyr Sleep Technologies recently formed a partnership to help advance sleep dentistry.

The companies will bring together their experience in providing technologies and applications for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), according to a press release.

Zephyr recently introduced the MATRx Plus system, which tests to determine treatment response, and Dentsply Sirona has a portfolio for sleep dentistry that includes 3D imaging, digital impressions, SICAT Air software and the OPTISLEEP appliance.

MATRx Plus, a home-based, easy to use system, is cleared in the U.S. for diagnostic indications and in Canada for both diagnostic and theragnostic indications. SICAT Air is a 3D solution that enables the analysis of the upper airways in the 3D volume. It illustrates the workflow of an appliance-based treatment completely digitally through the combination of 3D imaging systems like Galileos and selected Orthophos SL 3D units, digital impressions of the CEREC Omnicam and the SICAT Air software.

With this workflow, dentists can easily order mandibular advancement appliances like OPTISLEEP by SICAT that reduce or alleviate the symptoms of mild to moderate OSA.

In conjunction with its investment, Dentsply Sirona has appointed Dr. Stefan Hehn, Vice President Imaging Systems, to Zephyr’s board of directors.

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Source: Dentsply Sirona

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