New Dental Product: Isolite 3 Isolation System From Zyris

 New Dental Product: Isolite 3 Isolation System From Zyris

Zyris recently introduced the Isolite 3, an isolation system that allows dentists to implement a standard protocol for consistent outcomes in procedures that benefit from and require moisture control and isolation.

The device features the first amber light integrated into a dental isolation system, according to a press release. The cure-safe lighting option prevents the polymerization of light cure resin-based composites, while still providing illumination inside the mouth.

Whether using the traditional white light or the cure-safe amber lights, clinicians have a choice of three intensity levels.

The hose design integrates the control head with the evacuation line into a non-detachable unit that is easy to clean and disinfect. The device includes a cleaning tip attachment for direct-to-canister or chair cleaning systems. The system also incorporates Liquidmetal, making the Isolite 3 lighter, yet stronger than previous versions.

The system also features light management technology that uses multiple sensors to manage thermal loads and light output to prevent overheating.

For operatories with limited HVE ports, the new design includes an intelligent Power Vacuum Base that serves as an adjustable Y-Adapter. The Power Vacuum Base can be set to provide suction for the Isolite 3, the Isolite 3 and an accessory, an accessory only or completely turned off when cleaning and sterilization are being performed. The Power Vacuum Base also can be connected directly to the power supply available in modern dental chairs.

Like the Isolite 2, the new version also features mouthpieces that integrate a dual-channel suction, protection for the cheek, tongue and airway and an integrated bite-block for patient safety and comfort.

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Source: Zyris

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