New Dental Products: DWX-52DCi and DWX-52D Milling Machines from Roland DGA

 New Dental Products: DWX-52DCi and DWX-52D Milling Machines from Roland DGA

Roland DGA recently introduced two DGSHAPE 5-axis dental milling machines: the DWX-52DCi automatic disc changer model with DWINDEX software and the DWX-52D, which is an upgraded version of the company’s DWX-51D.

The DWX-52DCi mill features an Automatic Disc Changer (ADC) that optimizes productivity by storing up to six discs of different materials and enabling discs to be replaced automatically during milling, according to a press release. It also supports the new DWINDEX performance visualization software that provides reporting on operation time, materials used and other deliverables.

The DWX-52D is designed to help labs improve efficiencies and features a new snap-in clamp system that makes the setup of various materials faster and more secure.

Both milling units feature an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for fully automated 5-axis milling of a variety of materials, such as zirconia, PMMA, PEEK, CoCr Sinter Metal, fiber-reinforced resins, composites, and all other standard milling materials. Typical applications include crown and bridge, surgical guides, and denture bases.

The machines also feature rigid frame construction, automatic calibration and a Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) that allows users to quickly configure settings for up to four machines from a single computer for high-volume production, while also providing automatic calibration and other maintenance functions.

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Source: Roland DGA

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