The Top 10 Product Categories of 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Top 10 Product Categories of 2014

The Dentalcompare product directory is the heart of this website. Filled with detailed listings for thousands of dental products, we strive to keep this directory up to date and ready when you want to learn about and compare products side by side.

This is list shows something of the pulse of the dental industry. While the categories at the top remain fairly steady, the bottom half of the list fluctuates a bit as new technologies emerge, and the needs of dental practices change. This list truly is a straightforward look at what types of products you looked at the most this year.

Here are the top 10 dental product categories of 2014.*

10. Dental Implant Systems – This category was featured in a number of popular news and feature articles, so it makes sense to see it here on this list. Implants are becoming easier for GPs to place and restore and demand from patients continues to grow.

9. Cone Beam Systems – While implant planning is one of the most common uses for these powerful 3D imaging systems, cone beam applications fit with just about every dental specialty. With manufacturers working to provide 3D imaging at ever lower radiation doses, the future remains bright for this imaging technology.

8. Digital Panoramic X-ray Systems – Another area of imaging technology that remains popular, digital panoramic systems are better than ever with crisp images and the ability to capture a range of detailed views. Some of the latest digital pan systems are even designed to replace your intraoral imaging needs.

7. Core Build-Up Materials – This category always seems to make our top ten. It might not be the most high tech, but there’s always a need for reliable materials for endodontic cases.

6. LED Curing Lights – Our Buyers Guide for Curing Lights was one of the most popular articles of the year, and this category of products is always a popular section of the directory. The curing light is an everyday technology, and keeping up to date on your options is a part of staying up to speed on the dental industry.

5. Dental Loupes – Another category that was profiled in a popular Buyers Guide this year, loupes are a technology that saw both exciting new developments and a growing amount of interest. Staying healthy while you practice is important, as is clearly seeing what you are working on. Loupes can help with both.

4. Dental Sterilizers – This might not be an exciting area of dental technology, but it’s something everyone in the industry needs. Infection control made the news in a negative way this year, and having a reliable sterilizer is one way to bring some piece of mind to your practice and patients.

3. Diode Lasers – These handy chairside instruments have changed the way dentists manage soft tissue and they remain a popular addition to many practices. Simple to use for a variety of clinical situations, the diode laser continues to grow in popularity.

2. Intraoral Cameras – In an article from earlier this year Clinical Director Dr. Jeff Rohde laid out his list of the first technologies a dental practice should invest in to provide the highest quality of care. Intraoral cameras were second on his list, and it’s not surprising to see them second on this list as well. Being able to not only document the intraoral environment, but also to show it to your patients is a powerful tool for both patient education and convincing those patients to say yes to treatment.

1. Intraoral X-ray Sensors – The number one product on Dr. Rohde’s must have technology list is also the most popular category on this site. Digital x-rays save time, save money, are better for the environment and require less radiation to capture an image. This is a technology every practice should incorporate, and it seems that’s the way the industry is going.

*The 2014 Top 10 lists are based on Dentalcompare traffic measured during the 13 month period from October 2013 – November 2014.

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