The Top 10 Dental Articles of 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Top 10 Dental Articles of 2014

Over the course of a year a wide variety of article types are published on Dentalcompare. With trend coverage and commentary on industry issues we try to help place what’s happening in the industry into context. Case studies demonstrate how dental products can be used for both basic and complex cases. And of course our series of Buyers Guides are designed to help you understand how to select the right product for your practice.

Articles from all of these formats appear on this list of the 10 most popular articles of 2014. Like all of these lists, this one provides insight into industry trends and what products and technologies are building a buzz throughout the year. As always cutting edge technologies are prominently featured, and it seems that whenever we take a stab at predicting the industry’s future, you pay attention.

Now pay attention to the recent past as we present our Top 10 Articles of 2014.*

10. Digital ImpressionsWhy I Made the Move to Digital Dental Impressions – In this article Dr. Joshua Austin shares his story of bringing a 3M True Definition Scanner into his practice and makes the case for digital impression technology. Digital impression systems are always a popular topic, but this article struck a chord because of the open and engaging way Dr. Austin tells the story of his practice. With his style of connecting dental technology with familiar clinical situations, it was not all that surprising to see the news earlier this year that Dr. Austin would take over the Pearls for Your Practice column at Dental Economics.

9. CAD/CAM AbutmentsCase Study: Chairside CAD/CAM Abutments in the Anterior Region – Dentalcompare’s Clinical Director Dr. Jeff Rohde loves to push the envelope with digital dental technology in order to deliver outstanding results for his patients. In this popular case study, he demonstrated the benefits of milling custom abutments chairside using Ivoclar Vivadent’s e.max material. The article walks through the case step by step, showing off some of the more advanced capabilities of chairside CAD/CAM.

8. Digital Cracked ToothCase Study: A Digital Solution for the Classic Cracked Tooth – Another popular case study featuring the CEREC CAD/CAM System, this time from Dr. Todd Ehrlich who writes at the Digital Enamel blog. While Dr. Rohde’s article showed off advanced use of the technology, Dr. Ehrlich’s article attracted a slightly larger crowd by demonstrating a more everyday use of the system to treat a common problem.


7. Midwinter MeetingThe Most Exciting Dental Products from the 2014 Midwinter Meeting – Dental trade shows are great for checking out numerous new products in one place, and Dr. Rohde’s meeting wrap up articles are always a popular feature. This past Chicago Midwinter Meeting served as the launching pad for the products featured in several top 10 News Articles as well as the DEXIS CariVu and Pulpdent’s ACTIVA BioActive restorative material, which is why it’s not surprising the article made this list.


6. Solea Dental LaserEmmott on Technology: Finally a Hard Tissue Laser that Cuts Like a Handpiece – The Solea dental laser made a big impact on the industry in 2014, and Dr. Larry Emmott provided a great breakdown of what makes this hard tissue laser different from lasers that have preceded it. In short, Solea uses a whole new laser technology along with custom hardware and software to deliver a more powerful and precise laser for almost any clinical use. Of course Dr. Emmott does a far better job of explaining this than I just did which is why this article attracted a large number of readers.

5. Curing Lights Buyers GuideBuyers Guide: Dental Curing Lights – The curing light is one of the most regularly used technologies in the operatory, but not every light is the same. As with all Dentalcompare Buyers Guides, this one breaks down the technology behind the lights and explains how to choose the one that will be the best fit for your practice. With every practice in need of a light, it makes sense to keep up with the latest developments in this category.


4. The Canary SystemThe Power of Technology to Transform a Dental Practice – In this article Dr. Todd Snyder shares his experience adding The Canary System caries detection technology to his practice. While the article traces the implementation of this specific technology, Dr. Snyder makes this article a more general tale about how to make any technology investment a victory for your practice.


3. Dental Loupes Buyers GuideBuyers Guide: Dental Loupes – Another Buyers Guide to make this list, this article about loupes is a useful tool for the entire clinical team. Magnification offers a range of clinical benefits from improved ergonomic positioning to enhanced visibility. It’s not a surprise you are looking for information on how to decide which pair of loupes is the right pair for you.


2. 2014 PredictionsDental Technologies and Trends to Watch in 2014 – Every year Dr. Rohde writes an article sharing his thoughts on what will be big in dentistry in the coming year. Every year this article winds up on the most popular articles list. 2014 is no different, and looking back at the article, he was right on target this year. Look for Dr. Rohde to grade his own performance and share his thoughts on 2015 early next year.


1. Google GlassA Dentist’s View Through the Google Glass – It’s a bit funny how there doesn’t seem to be much buzz about Google Glass lately because early in 2014 it seemed like Google’s wearable computer was everywhere. It was certainly drawing some attention here. The most popular article of the year is Dr. Rohde’s musing on what a wearable computer could do for a dentist. Do his predictions and ideas still seem exciting even as the buzz about Glass has worn off a bit? Time will tell.

*The 2014 Top 10 lists are based on Dentalcompare traffic measured during the 13 month period from October 2013 – November 2014.

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