The 12 Most Viewed Dentalcompare Articles of 2012

The 12 Most Viewed Dentalcompare Articles of 2012
Thursday, December 27, 2012

The year winds to a close next week, and as we get ready for all that 2013 will have to offer, it’s also a great time to take a look back at all that transpired in 2012.

Throughout the next two weeks Dentalcompare will be highlighting the content you found most interesting in 2012. We’ll be publishing top 12 lists of the Most Viewed Products, the Most Viewed Product Categories, the Most Viewed Blog Posts, the Most Viewed News Items, and here we begin with the 12 Most Viewed Articles from throughout the year. Clinical Director Dr. Jeff Rohde will be providing some commentary on trends in 2012, and he and Technology Editor Dr. Larry Emmott will both offer their predictions for what’s ahead in 2013.

The product lists include products, new and old, but the lists of articles, news and blogs are just the items published in 2012. Each item on these lists is accompanied by a note of commentary from Dentalcompare’s editorial team.

So with no further delay, here are the 12 Most Viewed Dentalcompare Articles for 2012:

CDA South 2012

12. Highlights from the 2012 CDA South Dental Convention

Tradeshows remain one of the best places to learn about new dental products, so it’s no surprise readers paid attention to Dr. Rohde’s rundown of the products that caught his eye during the CDA South show this past spring.



Digital Impression

11. If Not Now, What’s Holding You Back? The Dental Lab Perspective on Digital Impressions

Technology articles were very popular in 2012, and digital impression had a big year with the arrival of new systems and amazing innovations. This overview of the technology from lab technician Jamie Stover, CDT, provided readers with a look at how digital impressions improve the efficiency of the modern dental lab.

Cone beam

10. An Object Lesson in Using Cone Beam CT to Save Your Patients Time, Energy, Money and Fear

The first of several cone beam articles, on the list, this one featured Dr. Rohde explaining how a 3D image revealed the benign identity of unidentified objects found on a digital panoramic image.


Digital x-ray

9. Harriet the Harried Dental Assistant

In this article from Dr. Emmott, he makes the case for digital x-rays by telling the story where typical analog x-ray problems plague a practice, especially the assistant trying to capture the necessary image.



Crown under partial

8. Using CEREC For A Crown Under A Partial Denture

This popular case study was one of several CAD/CAM articles that made this list. Here Dr. Rohde demonstrates how his CEREC system makes it easier to design a replacement crown for this difficult case.



CDS 2012

7. New Dental Product Highlights from the 2012 Chicago Midwinter Dental Convention

Another wrap up of new products that caught Dr. Rohde’s attention makes this list. This time it’s highlights from the 2012 CDS show.



Nitrous Oxide

6. Nitrous Oxide in the Modern Operatory

Proving that the newest technology doesn’t always get the most attention, this article from Dr. Rohde takes a look at how far one of the industry’s oldest anesthetics has come.



Cone Beam

5. Cone Beam CT: 2-D Imaging Is No Comparison

Another popular article about the diagnostic advantages of cone beam, this time Dr. Rohde detects a root fracture not visible on a 2D image.



Random dental implant

4. Restoring The Random Dental Implant

This is an article that will likely remain popular in the future. Dr. Rohde created quite the handy resource with these tips on identifying and restoring implant cases inherited from other practices.



CAD/CAM Bridge

3. Restoring a Failing Bridge with CAD / CAM

This CEREC case study again shows how Dr. Rohde employed digital dental technology to quickly provide a patient with a lasting solution to a difficult situation.



Digital workflow

2. Digital Workflow in the Dental Practice

Dr. Emmott’s walkthrough of the workflow in a paperless practice hits all the high points and advantages of operating in a digital environment.



Dr. Donald Clem

1. Dissecting The Link Between Oral Health And Cardiovascular Health

While technology might be the focus of most of the most popular articles on 2012, the most read article of the year is Dr. Rohde’s interview with former American Academy of Periodontology President Dr. Donald Clem about the oral-systemic link.

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