New Dental Product: HD Black Line Mirrors from Hu-Friedy

 New Dental Product: HD Black Line Mirrors from Hu-Friedy

Hu-Friedy recently introduced HD Black Line Mirrors, building on the success of the company’s HD Mirrors, Black Line and XTS product lines.

The mirrors feature Diamond Line Carbon (DLC) coating on the handle and mirror frame, which reduces glare and provides increased visibility, according to a press release. The black finish provides enhanced contrast and visual acuity within the oral cavity to create a distinct contrast between the instrument, the tooth and/or the surrounding tissue. This allows for easy intraoral identification.

The combination of DLC coating and the brilliance and color of the HD Mirror glass facilitates quicker and more accurate visibility of the mouth. Front surface reflection provides a distortion-free image.

The durable black matte finish helps to alleviate strain and hand fatigue by reducing the need for clinicians to adapt their viewing position because of shine produced by a traditional metal mirror. The ergonomic mirrors also feature a large diameter handle that enhances user control.

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Source: Hu-Friedy

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