3Shape and GuardLab Form Partnership

 3Shape and GuardLab Form Partnership

3Shape recently formed an equipment and marketing partnership with GuardLab, a sports technology brand that uses 3D technology and 3D printing to create protective mouthguards for athletes.

GuardLab will now use the 3Shape TRIOS to scan athletes’ teeth and 3Shape's CAD/CAM software to model custom mouthguards, according to a press release. The company chose 3Shape’s intraoral scanner because of its documented accuracy, quick scanning speeds and ease of use.

GuardLab’s ARC™ (Alignment Repositioning Cushion) is designed to provide better muscle stability, enhanced oxygenation and lessen TMJ tension during competition and training. The partnership with 3Shape will focus on supporting the increased demand for GuardLab’s sports technology.

Dentists using 3Shape scanners can join the GuardLab Dental Network and offer custom mouthguards to their patients. They’ll have the ability to send scans via the cloud directly to GuardLab from 3Shape’s Communicate software, which is included with the TRIOS scanner.

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Source: 3Shape

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