Nobio Antimicrobial Technology to be Embedded in Dental Restoratives

 Nobio Antimicrobial Technology to be Embedded in Dental Restoratives

A new line of antimicrobial dental restoratives is in development, as Nobio recently secured funding to help bring its new technology to the market.

The new antimicrobial technology is based around the use of non-soluble Nobio particles with feature highly antimicrobial properties that can be imparted to the broad range of materials into which they can be embedded, according to a press release. The Nobio particles provide their anti-microbial effects without any chemical interaction with microorganisms and without releasing any substance, allowing them to provide their benefits in a non-toxic and long-lasting manner. The particles are designed to be embedded into a range of materials, converting them into an antibacterial version without changing the material's properties or manufacturing process.

To bring this technology to the dental market, the company recently secured a $3.6 million investment from aMoon Fund and Dr. Ole Jensen which will allow it to create a manufacturing facility to produce a recently developed line of dental restoratives including an adhesive and resin-based composite materials. These materials will be designed to protect the dental restorations with the Nobio particles' antimicrobial properties.

The Nobio particles are also being developed for embedding in other medical devices, as well as consumer products that can benefit from antimicrobial protection.

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Source: Nobio

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