Enhanced Dental Product: inLab SW 18.0 CAD/CAM Software from Dentsply Sirona Lab

 Enhanced Dental Product: inLab SW 18.0 CAD/CAM Software from Dentsply Sirona Lab

Dentsply Sirona Lab, a newly created business unit, recently introduced inLab SW 18.0 CAD/CAM software.

The software optimizes the functional scope and handling of the CAD and CAM software for a wider range of applications and more efficient production procedures in the dental laboratory, according to a press release. All inLab software application modules benefit from the upgrade.

Full-arch models with removable dies and models with implant analogs can be constructed with the enhanced software, including a separate gingival mask for any kind of model. Different articulator systems can be put in and the model can be marked individually. The completed model data for production can be provided with a 3D printer or in central production via the optional STL interface. 

For implant restorative solutions, inLab offers the option to design multilayer gingival bridges for the production of esthetic, directly attached implants with a gingival section. The structure with the gingival section can be separated from the veneer structure for production from different materials, and the veneer structure can be processed as one piece, split into individual crowns, or made from a combination of the two depending on the esthetic goal.

With the new “1:1 Copy Mode,” an additional copy function, all geometries of a restoration can be copied exactly in accordance with the original and transferred. This is ideally for large bridges and implants with a gingival section, when, for instance, any adjustments to long-term temporary solutions are transferred into the final restoration. This saves dental technicians time and enables them to take over any attachment geometries 1:1.

For the first time, an inLab laboratory can transfer scan or restoration data quickly and safely to another inLab laboratory and receive it back via the Sirona Connect Portal. This new function simplifies access to patient-specific solutions from Atlantis directly from the inLab SW for the design and manufacture of implant abutments and suprastructures by Dentsply Sirona. 

The software update includes the inLab CAD SW 18 and the inLab CAM SW 18.0. The new CAM software supports the inLab MC X5 and inLab MC XL production units with optimized workflows.

The inLab SW 18.0 update is available to current inLab commercial dental lab customers by registering on the company’s software downloads page.

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Source: Dentsply Sirona Lab

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