3Shape Launches Open Clear Aligner Workflow

 3Shape Launches Open Clear Aligner Workflow

3Shape recently launched an open clear aligner digital workflow.

The open workflow uses 3Shape technology and introduces design and production partners to enable labs and practices to deliver clear aligners to their patients, according to a press release. It is made up of a growing network of integrated design and production service providers supported by 3Shape technology.

Depending on the expertise of the lab or practice wanting to provide clear aligner treatments, they can either outsource design and production to 3Shape partners, and/or design and produce in-house using 3Shape orthodontic software. 

To support the design steps for providing the orthodontic setup and staging, 3Shape has made an investment in U.S. design services company FullContour. 3Shape also has partnered with the USA’s Argen Corporation to provide production services. Additional partners will be added moving forward.

The entire open workflow, from scanning, treatment planning, setup and manufacturing, is implemented through 3Shape technology. Any steps in the open workflow can be done in-house and/or sent to 3Shape partners.  

The 3Shape Ortho System clear aligner in-house workflow is pending FDA clearance. For availability in other countries/regions, contact your reseller.

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Source: 3Shape

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