New Dental Product: 3Shape TRIOS MOVE

 New Dental Product: 3Shape TRIOS MOVE

3Shape recently introduced 3Shape TRIOS move, a new hardware setup for the TRIOS intraoral scanner.

The setup places the 3Shape TRIOS scanner, monitor and PC on the lightweight, fully-adjustable, ergonomic 3Shape TRIOS MOVE, according to a press release.

The mobility enables doctors to position the screen in the right place to provide an optimal experience for both dentist and patient.

3Shape TRIOS MOVE is easy to transport between operatories, and offers an easy way for dentists to communicate with patients about treatment.

Dentists who own a 3Shape TRIOS 3 intraoral scanner can purchase the 3Shape TRIOS MOVE setup separately, which includes the PC and monitor. Doctors can then plug their TRIOS scanner into the unit.

3Shape TRIOS MOVE will be available beginning May 3 and can be ordered now from 3Shape distribution partners.

3Shape has also introduced a variety of apps to help get patients excited and engaged while providing insight into their dental health and proposed treatment.

The apps include 3Shape TRIOS Patient Monitoring, which enables dentists to compare patient scans between visits; 3Shape TRIOS Smile Design, which makes it possible for clinicians to take a photo of a patient’s face and easily create beautiful teeth in a few minutes; 3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator, which allows dentists to scan patients and show them their present dentition compared to the simulated results of orthodontic treatment; and the My3Shape patient app, which makes it possible for dentists to share intraoral scans with patients.

3Shape also recently launched a professional online community for TRIOS dentists and labs. The 3Shape Community provides a platform for professionals to expand their knowledge and network with digital dentistry colleagues from around the globe. Community membership is free as part of 3Shape owners’ CliniCare and LabCare packages.

The 3Shape Community will offer four focused forums geared specifically to 3Shape solution owners: Discussions about CAD/CAM dentistry; Training featuring training materials and case studies; Showcasing, or sharing work and feedback; and Inspiration, which is aimed at industry trends and opinion leader pieces.

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