New Dental Product: Admira Fusion x-base from VOCO

 New Dental Product: Admira Fusion x-base from VOCO

VOCO recently introduced Admira Fusion x-base, the fourth release in the company’s Admira Fusion nano-ORMOCER product line.

The ceramic-based flowable base restorative is fast, reliable, strong and easy to use, according to a press release. Because of its high filler content and low shrinkage and shrinkage stress, it can be used to place in increments of up to 4 mm in one working step without layering. It’s suitable for Class I and II cavity linings and Class III and V restorations.

Admira Fusion x-base is flowable and highly viscous, making it easy to apply without dripping. The material is self-leveling and adapts to the prepared cavity walls for stable, esthetic restorations.

The flowable lining material features nano-ORMOCER technology, and is completely based (both resin matrix and fillers) on silicon oxide. It contains no classic monomers and is BPA free.

The material is available in the non-dripping NDT syringe in a universal shade.

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Source: VOCO

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