New Dental Product: Endovac Pure from Kerr Endodontics

 New Dental Product: Endovac Pure from Kerr Endodontics

Kerr Endodontics recently released Endovac Pure, an irrigation system that combines a portable base unit with a sterile packed cartridge and an ergonomic, single handheld controller.

The irrigation system is reportedly the first to leverage the apical negative pressure technique, according to a press release. The method is supported by more than 200 independent studies.

The single handheld controller makes it easy for dentists to achieve complete three-dimensional and apical cleaning of a root canal. Endovac Pure removes debris and bacteria from the apical third and provides a continuous flow of irrigants to the canal while also minimizing the risk of extrusion past the apex.

The sterile packed cartridge fully integrates the MacroPure and MicroPure cannulas for ease of use.

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Source: Kerr Endodontics

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