New Dental Product: MyRay Hyperion X5 from Cefla Medical Solutions

 New Dental Product: MyRay Hyperion X5 from Cefla Medical Solutions

The MyRay Hyperion X5 from Cefla Medical Solutions is now available in the United States.

The wall-mounted panoramic imaging system is the first of its kind and is described as the smallest pan unit available, according to a press release. The unit features a simple user interface and the ability to achieve 15 high definition 2D projections in a few simple steps.

Automatic focusing and Morphology Recognition Technology, or MRT, eliminates the need to manually set exposure parameters and the jaw size. This helps protect against under- or overexposure.

The QuickPan exam feature allows for a six second exposure time, reducing the radiation dose patients receive. The MultiPan function makes it possible to scroll between several panoramic slices obtained through one exam and select the sharpest. The high signal-noise ratio makes it possible to clearly see clinical details, while the broad focal layer is designed to ensure clinicians receive quality images no matter the circumstance.

Through the iRYS image management software suite, the Hyperion X5 can share the images it acquires with all PCs in the practice. Full TWAIN connectivity enables clinicians to use the pan with any other imaging software on the market. Automatic stand-by and immediate reactivation minimize electricity consumption. 

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Source: Cefla Medical Solutions

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