New Dental Product: SIROLaser Blue from Sirona

 New Dental Product: SIROLaser Blue from Sirona

Capable of emitting blue light at a 445 nanometer wavelength that is optimally absorbed by hemoglobin and melanin, the SIROLaser Blue from Sirona provides approximately 100 times the energy absorption of infrared lasers.

Designed for fast, precise and painless soft tissue procedures, the SIROLaser Blue immediately couples with tissue and cuts while reducing or eliminating the need for local anesthetics, according to a press release.

The SIROLaser Blue provides this blue cutting light, but it also provides two additional laser wavelengths. The 970 nm wavelength is suited for endodontic and periodontic applications as well as teeth whitening and treatment of canker sores and herpes. The 660 nm red diode wavelength can be used for biostimulation.

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Source: Sirona

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