3D Diagnostix Surgical Guides Now Available Starting at $200

 3D Diagnostix Surgical Guides Now Available Starting at $200

With a turnaround time of just 5 business days, 3D Diagnostix is now offering surgical guides with pricing starting at $200.

The guides are created using coDiagnostiX 9 implant treatment planning software from Dental Wings and then manufactured by 3D Diagnostix using cutting edge manufacturing technology, according to a press release.

The new surgical guides are available via several workflows. Dentists can purchase the coDiagnostiX 9 software from 3D Diagnostix which provides the ability to plan implant cases, present the case plan in 3D on an iPad or PC, receive hands-on training, and to consult with specialists for second opinions. Alternately, the guides can be ordered directly from 3D Diagnostix without using the software, and dentists can still receive 3D case presentations for these treatment plans.

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Source: 3D Diagnostix

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