The Top 10 New Dental Products of 2017

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Top 10 New Dental Products of 2017

The annual parade of Dentalcompare Top 10 lists is all about showcasing the most popular content. As a website that’s all about dental products, it’s no surprise that our most popular lists are the ones that feature our most popular products.

This list highlights the 10 most viewed products that were added to our product directory in the past 12 months. The list is full of high tech products, and that should come as no surprise. Digital dentistry is rapidly changing the industry and new imaging systems, scanners, and printers are allowing dental professionals to find new workflows, new treatment options, and more efficient operations. Many of those innovations appear on this list.

Here are your Top 10 New Dental Products of 2017:

Planmeca Creo10. Planmeca Creo from Planmeca USA – 3D Printers are among the most exciting technologies moving into the dental industry. Dental laboratories have been using them for years, and now they are making inroads with chairside applications. The Creo from Planmeca is ready for a range of printing jobs for both labs and practices. It’s capable of producing dental models or surgical guides via digital light processing (DLP) technology, and as an open system, it can connect to Planmeca’s CAD/CAM system or almost any other digital dentistry system out there.

NewTom Go 2D/3D9. NewTom Go 2D/3D from NewTom – This new offering from 3D imaging mainstay NewTom is all about economy and versatility. It’s capable of capturing both 2D panoramic and 3D cone beam images with low radiation exposure to the patient and an easy to use, intuitive software platform that helps guide clinicians through the diagnostic process. With its small footprint and multiple settings, it’s a great fit for any practice’s 3D imaging needs.


HC Block CAD/CAM Ceramic Based Restorative8. HC Block CAD/CAM Ceramic Based Restorative from Shofu – Until recently, CAD/CAM systems were limited in their uses because of the limited selection of materials. But the last few years have seen an explosion in new options for milling crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and all the other restorations people are milling in practices and labs. So it makes sense that people took note and checked out the product when a leader in composites such as Shofu entered the market with the HC Block. A hybrid ceramic, the material is compatible with both wet and dry mills, is suited for a range of clinical situations, and provides the durability and top-notch esthetics people have come to expect from Shofu.

SOLO Sensor7. SOLO Sensor from Jazz Imaging – Intraoral sensors are critical to many dental practices’ day to day operations, and the SOLO sensor from newcomer Jazz Imaging makes keeping up with sensor technology easier than ever. The sensor itself features specs that rival any other on the market, but it’s the unique hardware as a service approach from Jazz that makes it so appealing. The sensor comes bundled as part of a low-cost service plan, so practices receive continual support, and updates to not just their software, but the sensors themselves, whenever they are available.

Dental Wings Portable Intraoral Scanner6. Dental Wings Portable Intraoral Scanner from Dental Wings Inc. – Dental Wings has been a major force in the dental lab CAD/CAM world for a while, and the past few years have seen the company make its move to the clinical side of the industry as well. The latest version of their intraoral scanner ditches the cart for a portable, tablet-style setup. The portable scanner offers the same performance as its cart-bound cousin with a small handpiece and motion capture technology allowing manipulation of scans without touching the screen. Intraoral scanners are getting smaller and more portable, and the latest from Dental Wings is right there with the rest of the chairside scanning vanguard.

NV PRO3 Microlaser5. NV PRO3 Microlaser from DenMat – The NV PRO3 is built to take the still popular NV laser system to new places, and this pen-style, portable diode is a great soft tissue option. It features a dozen presets and wirelessly connects to a foot pedal, it’s easy to use, convenient to move between operatories and ready to make any practice’s soft tissue procedures faster, safer, less invasive and more effective.


PreXion Excelsior Pro 3D CBCT Scanner4. PreXion Excelsior Pro 3D CBCT Scanner from PreXion Inc. – The most viewed new cone beam system is the Excelsior Pro from PreXion and it’s all about providing the highest quality 3D images available. With a small focal spot and small voxel sizes, the clarity and detail it can capture is unmatched. Add in 4 fields of view, a range of preset scanning programs and bundled software, and the Excelsior is ready to give any other CBCT system a serious challenge. No wonder so many people wanted to check it out this year.

Form 23. Form 2 from Formlabs – Bringing 3D printing to new places via both high speeds and economical pricing, the Form 2 is a 3D printer that could be at home in any practice or lab. A stereolithography printing system that works with open-architecture CAD/CAM systems, the FormLabs printer is ready to produce dental models, surgical guides, splints and retainers in a rapid and cost effective manner. Both the printer and its manufacturer warrant watching, as they’re looking to make 3D printing a part of everyday dentistry to make dental care better for patients and clinicians.

FireFly Cordless Headlight System2. FireFly Cordless Headlight System from PeriOptix – Dental loupes do wonders for clinicians, and loupe lights make those loupes even more effective. In the past, adding a light to your loupes meant running wires down your back to a battery pack, but the FireFly is at the forefront of the shift to self-contained headlights. It attaches to almost any loupes and provides powerful light without adding a lot of weight. The light pods connect to the mount magnetically, and with a pair of pods in each FireFly kit, you always have a fully charged, cordless light ready when you need it.

Lensiora HD Intraoral Camera1. Lensiora HD Intraoral Camera from Lensiora – The most popular new product of the year is from a category of products that many practices are now using every day with every patient. The Lensiora HD captures high definition images and easily connects to any imaging platform. This makes it a great option for practices adding a camera to an existing imaging armamentarium. It features voice or optional foot pedal control, and will even work seamlessly with software that is not specific to the dental industry. This camera is easy to use with powerful customization options, making it a great choice for the imaging needs of any dental practice.

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