The Top 10 New Dental Products of 2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Top 10 New Dental Products of 2015

After covering the top news, articles and dental product categories of the year in our first three installments of our annual year end lists, attention now turns to what Dentalcompare is all about—dental products. In this case it’s a look at the new product launches that got the most attention in 2015.*

Innovation in the dental industry is moving at a rapid pace. A huge range of new technologies, materials, systems and solutions hit the dental industry each year, and every one of those innovations is brought to the market because someone believes it can make your practice and the care you provide to your patients better.

This list looks at just the new products added to the Dentalcompare product directory in 2015. Several other notable new products did not make this list because they are not listed in the directory, but announcements about several made our list of the Top 10 news items. Still, the products on this list are all significant for different reasons.

Here are the Top 10 New Dental Products of 2015:

D2000 3D Scanner10. D2000 3D Scanner from 3Shape – Dental lab scanners are the starting point for most modern dental laboratories, and this industry leader set yet another standard with the launch of the D2000. Built for efficiency, this innovative system scans two models simultaneously, saving time and allowing the software to automatically articulate the case. A faster and more efficient scan means technicians can begin designing the case faster than ever before.


ProVecta9. ProVecta S-Pan Digital Panoramic Imaging System from Air Techniques – A number of notable digital panoramic systems have hit the market recently, but this system from Air Techniques definitely brought something different to bear. With a specialized algorithm at work it captures multiple images at different focal depths and creates the optimal composite from the images to provide crisp panoramic x-rays with amazing detail.


iTero Element8. iTero Element Digital Impression System from Align Technology – This update to the popular iTero digital impression system caught people’s attention right away. With a smaller scanning wand, a smaller footprint and faster scan times, it improved on the original in just about every way. Add in native Invisalign integration and it’s easy to understand why this is one of the most exciting new additions to the digital dental landscape in 2015.


Visalys Veneers7. Visalys Veneers from Kettenbach LP – Pre-fabricated veneers allow clinicians to provide quick smile makeovers with impressive outcomes. This system from Kettenbach is fabricated from a plasma-hardened composite material to provide strength and esthetics. Single-visit smile enhancements are more accessible than ever.


Dentrix G66. Dentrix G6 Practice Management Software from Henry Schein Practice Solutions – It’s always big news when the leading practice management platform gets an upgrade. The system is easier to use than ever, and adding modules from trusted software partners is now just a click away. Just about every part of the software got an upgrade or two, making this already full-featured solution even more robust.


TRIOS 35. TRIOS 3 Digital Impression System from 3Shape – The second 3Shape innovation and the second digital impression system to make this list, the TRIOS 3 improves on the company’s innovative intraoral scanner with two handpiece design options, and multiple configurations including a cart, a pod solution and even integration with the operatory delivery system. Beyond capturing highly accurate digital impressions, the system also functions as an intraoral camera and a digital shade matching solution. 

inLab MC X54. inLab MC X5 Dental Mill from Sirona – Dental lab technology moves faster than chairside systems, and while Sirona’s CEREC is far and away the chairside CAD/CAM leader, the company faces stiffer competition in the lab market. That competition was put on notice with the launch of its latest lab milling system for Sirona’s inLab solution. With 5-axis wet and dry milling, material format flexibility and an open-architecture platform, this mill is a new benchtop workhorse.

EPIC X3. Epic X Diode Laser from BIOLASE – The Epic 10 diode has been one of the most popular products on Dentalcompare since its introduction, and the success of the follow-up Epic X is almost expected. A fast cutting, soft-tissue solution, the Epic X also provides laser whitening and pain relief therapy with tips ready for use in just seconds.


EyeZoom Dental Loupes2. EyeZoom Dental Loupes from Orascoptic – Dental loupes are important parts of the armamentarium for many clinicians, but their one main limitation was offering a single level of magnification. That is no longer an issue with the introduction of the EyeZoom. These innovative loupes allow clinicians to adjust the magnification between 3x, 4x and 5x, saving time and the expense of purchasing multiple loupes for multiple tasks.


 MouthWatch Intraoral Camera1. Mouthwatch Intraoral Camera from Mouthwatch LLC – Sometimes the most notable thing about a product is its price point, and for the intraoral camera market, Mouthwatch set a new standard in affordability. Designed to put a camera in every operatory and to encourage tele-dentistry, the Mouthwatch camera captures high quality images and easily connects to leading software platforms, and it does all this at a fraction of the price of other top cameras.

*The 2015 Top 10 lists are based on Dentalcompare traffic measured during the 13 month period from November 1, 2014 – November 30 2015.

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