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Daniel S. Poulson, DDS



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AFTCO Dental Transition & Consulting

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AFTCO Dental

My Experience with AFTCO was very negative. I would not recommend them. Their web page states their consultants are "knowledgeable, informed, professional, with integrity". This was just "advertising." I was told by their corporate executive. He was correct. Their advertised image was not my reality. Closing my transaction was a nightmare. Four different 37 page contracts in four days to be reviewed, digested, and corrected. The last two I received the day before the contract was to be signed. Both contained major errors that had to be found and corrected. All this because AFTCO's consultant did not realize the buyer was a Professional Corporation until just 4 days before signing. The bank pointed this crucial fact out. This caused major liability issues and many language changes in the contract. The funding was delayed 7 days because of lack of needed information. All of this caused unnecessary & avoidable stress to both buyer & seller. No, my experience with AFTCO was not a good one. I would not recommend them!

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The Good

They found a buyer

The Bad

The experience at closing was a nightmare

The Bottom Line

I would not recommend the services of AFTCO for the transition or sale of a dental practice.

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