Watch Video: KaVo Expands Product Portfolio

KaVo announces the expansion of the KaVo™ product offering to include treatment units and imaging solutions, in addition to the market-leading KaVo handpiece line.

The new KaVo imaging portfolio is the result of consolidating the award-winning Instrumentarium Dental™ and Soredex™ products under the KaVo brand. For more than six decades these brands have been at the forefront of extraoral imaging innovation. KaVo is committed to growing the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™, “OP” hallmark, and heritage under the KaVo brand.

In addition to the new imaging systems, KaVo is offering treatment units to the North American market for the first time. The ESTETICA E50 Life, ESTETICA  E70 and E80 Vision units are much more than dental chairs.  They represent the pinnacle of KaVo ingenuity and state-of-the-art platforms for technology integration.

In expanding the portfolio, KaVo is doing more than just combining expertise, but laying the foundation for a truly integrated workflow, engineered to provide efficiency and exceptional patient care.

Amir Aghdaei, Danaher Group Executive & President, Dental Platforms and KaVo Kerr business leaders Phil Prentice and Scott Hurlbut, discuss the strategic direction of the KaVo brand and how KaVo Kerr is setting the stage for the future of dentistry.