New Dental Product: GLEEM Electric Toothbrush

 New Dental Product: GLEEM Electric Toothbrush

GLEEM recently introduced a new electric toothbrush that features a slim, sleek design and vibrating bristles to efficiently clean teeth.

The stylish toothbrush is available in black or white with a glossy finish, according to a press release. It also comes with a built-in two-minute timer that pulses at 30-second intervals. This helps users keep track of brushing progress and tells them when to switch quadrants. GLEEM also has a memory function, allowing users to pause and then resume the brushing cycle where they left off.

GLEEM is lightweight and portable, and comes with a travel case. It is powered by one AAA battery, so it does not require a charger or a power cord. It also features soft, nylon bristles with rounded filaments for a gentle clean; a compact brush head to help reach all surfaces; a slim handle that stands upright on countertops; and a no-roll feature designed to keep the brush out of the sink and off the floor.

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Source: GLEEM

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