New Dental Product: cara Print 4.0 from Kulzer

 New Dental Product: cara Print 4.0 from Kulzer

Kulzer recently released cara Print 4.0, a 3D printer that can print a wide and expanding range of dental applications for labs.

The 3D printer is part of the company’s line of digital workflow solutions, according to a press release. It offers dental technicians a faster way to produce polymer-based dental appliances.

Featuring Digital Light Projection (DLP) technology, cara Print 4.0 can accurately process most restorations within an hour. The long-lasting material tray remains transparent and stable as long as it is not mechanically damaged. Described as economical, the 3D printer uses a simple refill system rather than a cartridge system, which leads to further cost savings.

The open system works with open .stl files commonly used by CAD programs, such as 3Shape. For best results, laboratory technicians are encouraged to use cara Print 4.0 with Kulzer’s dima Print materials and to post-cure in the HiLite Power 3D. 

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Source: Kulzer

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