New Dental Product: AcceleDent Optima from OrthoAccel Technologies

 New Dental Product: AcceleDent Optima from OrthoAccel Technologies

OrthoAccel Technologies recently introduced AcceleDent Optima.

The orthodontic device directly connects patients and practices with usage monitoring, direct messaging and virtual rewards via the AcceleDent App, according to a press release, making it easier for clinicians to monitor and encourage patient compliance. The app can be downloaded via iTunes and Google Play.

AcceleDent Optima is a third generation vibratory accelerated orthodontic device. The small, lightweight device is waterproof and can connect with smartphones and tablets through Bluetooth. Patients can wirelessly charge the activator, which has a five to seven day battery life, through the device’s charging case.

The device is powered by the company’s SoftPulse Technology, which produces pulsating forces clinically shown to stimulate cellular activity in orthodontic treatment. It’s also demonstrated to speed up bone remodeling. The prescription-only device speeds up braces and aligner treatment by as much as 50 percent while also reducing patient discomfort.

The app allows patients to track their usage, set reminder notifications and compare their progress to other AcceleDent patients. Patients who maintain optimal daily use will earn awards on the app's Achievements Screen. Practice staff can view a customizable web portal that syncs real-time usage data for every AcceleDent patient, enabling them to compliment patients who are excelling with compliance and to encourage patients who aren’t. 

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Source: OrthoAccel Technologies

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