America Operatory Dental Chair Package – Affordable and Superior!

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Product Name:

America Operatory

Manufacturer :

Dansereau Health Products

I have been doing business with Harry at DHP for four decades. Great equipment at affordable prices and the longest warranty in dentistry. Compare the quality of Dansereau welds to any other dental'll know what I know. They built equipment to last! Visit their factory and look at the stuff being made. I did. I see how they can offer a 10 yr warranty! You can pay more but you can't get more. There will always be a few sad sacks that are never happy and when you're a huge international manufacturer like DHP you're bound to run into a few people you cannot please but when you compare the Dansereau equipment line to others and then try to match their's easy to see NOBODY really competes with them. But you can spend more (a lot more) and get less. Just check the welds. LOL

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The Good

Reliable performance, great price w/10 yr warranty.

The Bad

Had to wait 2 weeks for delivery, each piece made to order.

The Bottom Line

Two thumbs up!

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