TwinPower Air-Driven High-Speed Handpiece

TwinPower Air-Driven High-Speed Handpiece

Today's current handpiece buzz often concerns the latest and greatest electric assisted models. They are guaranteed to make your operative life more productive and stress-free. While there are many benefits to the use of high-power, high-torque electrics, you also can’t discount the pleasures associated with a lightweight, electronics-free (read: low maintenance), air-driven cutting instrument.

This is particularly true when it comes to finish work such as sculpting composite, blending finish lines and general smoothing and polishing of restored surfaces.


My preferred operative duo is an electric for the muscle work and an air driven for fine tuning.  To that end and in ironic fashion, I had the dumb luck to be sent (for evaluation) J.Morita's TwinPower (Fig. 1) at precisely the same time that my electric went back to the shop for repairs.  At this juncture the TwinPower was called upon to do both the muscle work AND the fine tuning alongside my other unnamed air driven back up.


To my surprise, the TwinPower stepped up nicely as a substitute for my electric. While very unassuming in appearance, it is what is inside the TwinPower (Fig. 2 shows both a conventional turbine and the Twin Power turbine)that is said by J. Morita to make the difference. Air, which is delivered from three drive air nozzles, powers the PRIMARY impeller. Here's the clever part. The EXHAUST air is directed through fins to power a SECOND impeller. The double impeller technology (Fig 3) would appear to offer the constant torque that I experienced even when leaning into a prep while cutting with diamonds.


Add in very quite operation and lovely balance, zero suck-back and a two second brake time, and this very compact handpiece becomes a compelling reason to keep an air-driven such as the TwinPower as part of your operative armamentarium.

More features are listed below

Glass Rod Optics - Highly focused and stable illumination (25,000 LUX).

Flexible Coupling Options - Direct connection to various commonly used couplings.

Easy Cartridge Replacement - Capsule-type cartridge rotor allows simple exchange when required.

Comfortable even during extensive use - The compact and lightweight design of TwinPower is extremely comfortable to work with - even over extended periods of use. Weighing as little as 48 grams, fatigue of the operator's hand, wrist, and fingers is significantly reduced.


Ideal angulation (Fig. 4) - The practical 15° angle of TwinPower's handpiece enables you to easily maneuver around the various areas of the oral cavity. The head is also perfectly angled at 21.5° to enhance alignment of the bur shaft with the tooth's axis.


New grip design and surface treatment (Fig. 5) - TwinPower features a newly designed grip, which enables a relaxed hold of the handpiece. The unique ceramic coating treatment offers up to 30% greater friction forces, improving grip and durability throughout multiple sterilization cycles.

Review Synopsis

TwinPower Air-Driven High-Speed Handpiece
The Good

Featuring the world's only "twin turbines," these handpieces harness super-high torque in an efficient, ergonomic design. This double-impeller technology produces a mass of power, unsurpassed clinical stability, and constant speed even under high load conditions. Additionally, TwinPower handpieces eliminate suck back in the air line - a unique feature that offers excellent contamination control.

The Bad

No downside!

The Bottom Line

World's only "twin turbines" with zero suck back.

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