Bone Grafting Materials

Bone Grafting Materials Bone grafting materials are used in a number of dental surgical situations. Options when choosing bone grafting materials include allograft or donor bone material, BMP bone grafting products, bovine bone grafting materials, coral or algae bone grafting materials and synthetic bone grafting materials. There are various application options when choosing these materials including mineralized and demineralized options, putties, particulates, pastes, gels, Hydroxyapatites and flexible strips. Composition varies between vendors and types of product, and each bone grafting material has its benefits and suggested applications. There is also the option of choosing a bone regeneration product for attempted bone growth for proper support. These products may be mixed with other bone graft materials for precise results. Bone grafting materials are a valuable tool in dental restorations, be sure and choose a product that will best suit your specific procedure.

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