The Top 10 Products of 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Top 10 Products of 2013

As the 2013 year in review begins the home stretch, the focus turns to what is at the heart of Dentalcompare; dental products. This feature takes a look at the most viewed products from our entire product directory. Tomorrow’s feature will finish the year in review with a focus on the most viewed products launched in the past year.

Like all the year-end lists, this list of the top 10 products provides some insight into industry trends. In the case of this list, it highlights the products with staying power. Just one of the products making the cut is brand new. This list includes products from the top categories such as digital x-ray sensors and diode lasers, as well as from less popular categories including surgical materials.

Here are the Top 10 Products of 2013:*

10. Lisa Sterilizer MB17 Dental Autoclave – A-dec

Lisa Sterilizer MB17 Dental AutoclaveAutoclaves were a popular category in 2013 and A-dec’s Lisa MB17 was the most popular in the Dentalcompare product directory. While not the newest sterilizer on the market, the MB17 is a workhorse system ready to handle just about any dental practice’s sterilization needs.



9. DEXcam 3 Intraoral Camera – DEXIS

DEXcam 3 Intraoral CameraAnother product that is not the newest of the bunch in a popular product category, DEXIS’ DEXcam is a reliable, intraoral camera ready to get the job done. Easy to use and capable of capturing high quality images, this solid intraoral imaging option continues to be a draw.



8. iLase Personal Diode Laser – BIOLASE

iLase Personal Diode LaserThe first of two BIOLASE diode lasers to make this list, the iLase is a small, portable diode well suited to multi-operatory use. But don’t let the small size of this laser fool you, it’s a powerful clinical tool for a range of soft tissue applications.



7. Picasso Dental Diode Laser – AMD Lasers

Picasso Dental Diode LaserThis is the diode laser that changed the industry. When it was first introduced several years ago, the Picasso set a new price point for diode lasers, making the technology more affordable than ever before. It’s still an attractive option for a practice looking to add a laser, as the Picasso is well suited to numerous clinical applications.


6. TRIOS Digital Impression System – 3Shape

TRIOS Digital Impression SystemWhile 3Shape is a major technology brand in the dental lab industry, the company was largely unknown when they first launched a chairside intraoral scanner. But the company’s reputation for creating quality dental technology is starting to gain traction on the clinical side as well. The TRIOS continues to attract attention with its dynamic styling, flexible configurations and excellent intraoral scanning performance. 


5. iTero Digital Impression System – Align Technology

iTero Digital Impression SystemWhile the iTero was among the first digital impression systems on the market, it continues to attract attention. The system’s design remains largely unchanged, but the insides and software have been upgraded, and as the only digital impression system compatible with Invisalign clear aligners, it remains an attractive option for many practices looking to go digital.



4. CollaTape Absorbable Collagen – Zimmer Dental

CollaTape Absorbable CollagenThis is the first of two “Colla” products from Zimmer Dental that made the Top 10 this year and seem to almost every year. This is a wound dressing that can be used for a number of surgical applications and is a mainstay product for sure.



3. DEXIS Platinum Intraoral Sensor – DEXIS

DEXIS Platinum Intraoral SensorThe DEXIS Platinum sensor remains one of the most popular digital x-ray sensors around. Due to its comfortable design, high quality images and durability, the Platinum sensor is worth consideration from any practice moving to digital x-rays. While the sensor itself hasn’t been recently updated, DEXIS has spent the last few years rolling out innovative software that makes using this sensor even better.


2. Epic 10 Diode Laser – BIOLASE

Epic 10 Diode LaserThe only brand new product to crack the top 10, BIOLASE’s Epic 10 is a top of the line diode laser. Combining power, precision and unique versatility, the Epic 10 stands out in a crowded diode field. BIOLASE has been a leading laser manufacturer for some time, and judging by the interest in the company’s latest Diode, that position won’t be changing soon.



1. CollaPlug Absorbable Collagen Wound Dressing – Zimmer Dental

CollaPlug Absorbable Collagen Wound DressingAlways a popular product in the Dentalcompare directory, Zimmer Dental’s CollaPlug takes the top spot for 2013. Zimmer representatives have said they don’t know why this product always does so well on Dentalcompare, but these resorbable collagen plugs are a key material for many practices performing extractions.



*The 2013 Top 10 lists are based on Dentalcompare traffic measured during the 13 month period from October 2012 – November 2013.
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